You have found a collection of vintage pictures collected from old high school yearbooks from across the United States. The photographs feature the commerce and industry that surrounded each High School - street scenes, city views, drug stores, skating rinks, barber shops & hair salons, local diners & restaurants, drive-ins,, bowling alleys, theatres, amusement parks,, service stations,, grocery & discount stores and more.

High School sports and events are covered with hundreds of pictures of cheerleaders, the football team, majorettes, the prom, homecoming and performances by local bands at school dances and other activities.

You'll also find pictures that show student clothing and hair styles from the 1940s and earlier, the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

There are also student pictures of many well-known singers, actors, politicians and sports stars.

You can list the pictures in the database by City, State, Year and Subject using the drop down menus on the search page. Once the list results are displayed you can click on the image description to view the photo (subscribers only - sign up, it's easy!) or click on the yearbook name to see if the yearbook is for sale.


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